The REYN network: 10 years for a better environment for children


In December 2022, the International Step by Step Association (ISSA), organized a special event on the occasion of the anniversary of the creation of the Rhine Network “ISSA celebrates: 10 years of REYN”, during which participants learned about the unique contribution of the Network to the creation of a better quality, understanding and inclusive environment for Roma children. 

Success stories and good examples from the Network in different European countries were presented at the event, and discussions were held on the status of Roma children, with a focus on existing challenges in the school environment and possible solutions.

The “Trust for a Social Achievement” Foundation has been the national coordinator of the REYN Network for Bulgaria for 5 years now. During this period, we have held dozens of trainings, consultations and meetings with specialists in the field of early childhood development, working with Roma children, in order to make the educational process more accessible to children. We organized numerous small projects, REYN internship program “Role models at an early age”, Info sessions with parents to give young Roma professionals a field for development and an opportunity to contact people from the community.


The International Network for Early Childhood Development in the Roma Community was established in 2012 as an initiative of ISSA in partnership and with the financial support of the Roma Digger Initiatives of the Early Childhood Program of the Open Society Foundations (OSF), in response to the growing seeking professional development opportunities for practitioners working with young children.

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the REYN Network is at the same time a celebration of ten years of visibility for the needs of Roma children and their families and a reinforcement of REYN’s commitment to bring early childhood development issues onto the European political agenda.

See a recording of the event here.

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