Тhe video “Young Roma Teachers” presents the personal stories of Raya, Toshka and Mariela. They chose the difficult path of becoming teachers, ready to face all possible hardships and challenges they encounter on the journey of their personal and professional development. This video is proof that successful role models can have a positive impact on the development of children at an early age.

Raya, Toshka and Mariela are active members of the REYN Network Bulgaria and part of the “Young Roma Teachers” project, which aims to support young and ambitious people of Roma origin, who want to become teachers in kindergartens in smaller settlements, visited mainly by Roma children. The project aims to build successful role models that can contribute to the better development of Roma children and increase their motivation and desire to learn.

The “Young Roma Teachers” project is funded  by the Trust for Social Achievement with the generous support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

"Can you hear me?"

The brochure “Can you hear me?” analyzes the process of acquiring a second language and the efforts required of children and teachers. The bilingual skills in young children should be seen as an added value, not a disadvantage. Bilingual children are often better at learning new languages. Teachers need to provide the necessary support to children in the classroom, for example – teaching in an interactive way, enabling children to develop and improve their language skills while giving value to their background and culture.

"Can you see me?"

“How does poverty affect children’s development?

The brochure shows how poverty creates a vicious circle that is difficult to break: the poor living conditions in which children live; the inability to attend high quality schools, which in turn impairs their educational attainment; the high risk of dropping out of school; entering adulthood with low levels of education and without the necessary skills.


"Parents' corner"

The brochure “Parents’ Corner” examines successful strategies for effective cooperation with the parent community, and also provides additional information on the importance of parental involvement in the educational process. The misconceptions described in the brochure, regarding Roma parents, provide an opportunity for an active discussion of the problems and challenges that lead to the limitation of the participation of parents of Roma origin in the school life of educational institutions. 

The brochure on healthy eating aims to strengthen the work to improve maternal and child health among the Roma community, on the initiative of the Network for Early Child Development in the Roma Community in Bulgaria – REYN Bulgaria, which is coordinated by the “Trust for a Social Achievement” Foundation. The brochure was developed by:
Master pharmacist Miroslava Delcheva – “Abicom” OOD
Assoc. Prof. Krasimira Kostadinova, MD – NCOZA
Assoc. Dr. Ruzha Pancheva, MD – MU – Varna
Dr. Irina Vladimirova – UMBAL “St. Georgi”, the city of Plovdiv  

The video “The story of Vesna”, a Croatian teacher in a preschool group. Vesna’s main goal is to teach her students how to create a community in the classroom.


“Dream to grow” - The story of Sevda

I am Sevda from Bulgaria. Starting with where I am now and going back to my early years, I will take you through my life path that made the person who I am today. I will share with you the remarkable moments of my life – I will go through the events that made me strong and I will introduce you to the people who supported me through the many challenges I faced in my life. I am proud to be Roma and with who I am today. 

Cover_Education and ESR

Education and professional development of the Roma community

Education and professional development of the Roma community

The survey was conducted in 140 settlements. “Trust for Social Achievement” has been working over the years with 80 partner organizations in the country and we have helped over 100 thousand people. More than 100 interviewers and mediators from all over the country worked on the research as well.


In the activity report of REYN Network are described the mission and purposes, the performed activities such as advocacy training for supporting the members of REYN International, material translation, announcing a program for exchange visits, session “Early start to the skills of the future” during the Forum “Education: for future” and etc.; There are described also the planned activities for the next year – developing and distributing manuals on healthy eating, exchange visit of kindergarten teachers in REYN Croatia, second round of the program “Role models at an early age”, creating an advisory board and etc.


In the activity report 2019 are described the performed activities of REYN Network such as regional events, program for national study visits of health, pedagogical specialists and students; internship program “Role models at an early age”, translating materials, training on the topic “How should children from vulnerable communities develop their language and socio-emotional skills” and etc.; There are described also planned activities during 2020 – participation of REYN Network in the annual conference of the principals of Center “Amalipe”; piloting the handbook for healthy eating of pregnant mothers and mothers with children aged 0-3 by NGO; implementing the program “Role models at an early age” and etc.


In the activity report 2020 are described the performed activities of the Network such as the discussions that were done online, under the conditions of the pandemical situation, strategy meetings and the development of the program for small grants “How to raise strong and smart children”. There are described also planned activities during 2021: implementation of the program for small grants “How to raise strong and smart children”; the initiative “Inclusion and justice for Roma children and families”; organizing advocacy discussions with the REYN Network members, supported by the Advisory Board and etc.; ad also the purposes of the Network and the results, despite the districtions because of COVID-19.


The annual report from 2021-2022 describes the activities carried out by the Network such as online seminars, discussions, events and the implemented student internship programs “Role Models in Early Childhood”, small projects – “How to raise healthy and smart children”, “Information sessions for parents on the important role of kindergarten for children”, the 10th anniversary of REIN and the “30 under 30” selection for Forbes – Bulgaria magazine. Also highlighted are the planned activities in 2023: Local and regional events to share successful practices introduced by an educational institution to work with children from vulnerable communities; Exchange of experiences to encourage and promote Roma professionals in the field of early childhood development; Workshops for teachers; Advocacy to support educational mediators in kindergartens; Information sessions for parents on the important role of kindergarten for children.