Every day in kindergarten I study and play


Kindergarten – the first community of children. Educational role of kindergarten. Kindergarten as a place for learning through creativity. Healthy eating and hygiene standards. The family-kindergarten relationship.

These are just a few of the topics on which parents from underprivileged communities enrich their knowledge through information sessions on the benefits of regular kindergarten attendance, developed by the Foundation “Trust for a Social Achievement” (TSA). The info sessions are part of the Small Grants program “Every Day in Kindergarten I Learn and Play.” It is an initiative of the Network for early childhood development in the Roma community in Bulgaria – (REYN Bulgaria), which is coordinated by the TSA for the third year, and is implemented with the support of the UBS Optimus Fund.

Numerous scientific studies in the field of early childhood clearly show that regular attendance at kindergarten has a positive impact on child development. Between the ages of 3 and 6, children are in a key period of their development where they can learn and practice many important skills – self-control, managing emotions, interacting with others, communication, sharing, empathy, which children rely on until the end of his life.

Info sessions for parents, implemented for the first time by TSA back in 2014 and proven to be effective in informing and motivating parents from underprivileged communities, encourage regular kindergarten attendance by helping parents understand the connection, role and benefits of educational and creative activities that happen in kindergarten every day. Based on joint activities and games and facilitated by experienced community leaders and representatives of local kindergartens, info sessions create an atmosphere of rapprochement and greater mutual understanding between parents, educators and educational mediators.

The information sessions will be held in the period May-August 2022 with the support of 6 local organizations that are members of the RAIN Network – “Future” Foundation – Rakitovo, “Dialog” Association, Sredets, “Knowledge” Association, Lovech, Free Youth Center, Vidin , MAG Botevgrad and Club of non-profit organizations – Targovishte. They include over 200 parents and over 15 kindergartens from small settlements.

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