Program for national study visits of health and pedagogical specialists and students


Nature of the program:

The current program for national study visits of health and pedagogical specialists and students enrolled in health and pedagogical programs at university, is an initiative of Romani Early Years Network Bulgaria, coordinated by “Trust for social achievement” (TSA). The main goal of the program is to provide opportunities for professionals with health and pedagogical profile, who work with children from the Roma community, to increase their practical knowledge and skills for providing high-quality health and pedagogical care.

Main goal of the study visits:

  •  Improving the access, quality, equality and efficiency of the health and education services.
  •  Improving and developing key skills and competencies of the experts
  •  Sharing successful practices, which would lead to increased life achievements and motivation of children.
  •  Sharing successful health and pedagogy practices for engaging the local community in the full growth of children.
  •  Increasing the practical knowledge and skills of the students from the Roma community, enrolled in health and pedagogical university programs.
  •  Creating new contacts and opportunities for project partnerships

The applicants can indicate a specific health or educational institution, which they want to visit. If you have difficulty choosing a specific institution, please contact the TSA team, to discuss other additional visitation options.

Financial parameters:

Within the program it is expected to finance up to 10 visits for the academic year 2019-2020, in which approximately 20 people will participate (health and pedagogical specialists, students enrolled in pedagogical and health program, and exceptionally parents). The average expected value of the costs for one visit is BGN 100. For each visit, TSA will cover the costs for two participants. The visits are one-day, and the food and transport expenses will be covered. If necessary and with the prior approval of TSA, the costs for hotel accommodation will be covered (for a standard double room). The approved candidates receive a written confirmation from TSA with a specified budget limit for the visit.

Eligible applicants:

The applicants must be members of Roma Early Years Network REYN Bulgaria and can have different employers (i.e., not from the same organization). See below the link to the application form for membership. The Network is informal and the membership is free.

  • Teachers, teacher assistants, educational mediators, and principals of kindergartens, working with vulnerable communities.
  • Nurses, midwives, health mediators and other health professionals, working with children aged 0-10 form vulnerable communities.
  • Eligible participants, in addition to the eligible candidates listed above, are:
  • Students, who are enrolled in health and pedagogical university programs.
  • Parents from the community, exceptionally.

Duration of the program:

The program is open for applications from the date of announcement until the date of exhaustion of the budget. The visits must take place before 30th May 2020. Evaluation of the applications: The selection and evaluation of applications is carried out by TSA within two (2) weeks after receiving a fully completed set of application documents.

The evaluation criteria include:

  • Applying as a team of two of your choice
  • The candidates are members of Romani Yearly Years Network Bulgaria
  • The application form is completed electronically and in full by both participants.
  • The objectives of the visit are clearly defined and are related to the improvement of the health and pedagogical services for the children from the Roma community.
  • The budget is realistic and well justified.

Documents for application:

The documents for application must be submitted at least one month before the planned date of the visit. TSA reserves the right to propose improvements to the described objectives and activities.

Each main applicant must complete the following documents:

  • Application form (Annex 1)
  • Form for joining Romani Early Years Network Bulgaria at least for the main applicant (only if not a member already)

Obligation of the participants after the study visits:

After the visit, the candidates describe the visited practice in the form for describing good practice – (Annex 2), to which photos can be attached. The candidates report the actual costs incurred by preparing a financial report (Annex 3) and attaching to it the originals of the supporting documents. Additional instructions can be found in the form for financial report, which the candidates will receive after approval of their visits.

Important dates and deadlines:

  • Announcement of the competition – 1st November 2019
  • Deadline for submission of application forms – 30th April 2020
  • End of visits – 30th of May 2020
  • Deadline for submission of technical and financial report – up to 2 weeks after the end of the study visit


Annex 1 – Application form

Annex 2 – Form for membership in Romani Early Years Network Bulgaria – link for registration:

Annex 3 – From for description of good practice – Sheet

Annex 4 – Financial report

Annex 5 – List of educational institutions that can be visited within the program



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