Program for the organization of regional events


Romani Early Years Network in Bulgaria (REYN Bulgaria, coordinated by “Trust for social achievement” foundation – TSA) is inviting its institutional members to manifest interest in the organization of a half-day long regional event, including

specialists, working with children between the ages of 2 to 6. The focus of the regional events can be healthcare and/or education.

On these events REYN Bulgaria will present TSA’s publications and/or programs for maximum an hour, depending on the organizer’s ideas for the remainder of the event. The organizer can discuss the following topics during the event:

  •  Presenting successful practices from the region, which support the theoretical content of TSA’s publications.
  •  Facilitation of healthcare or educational discussions, concerning early childhood development.
  •  An invitation for successful role models from the Roma community, who can share their personal experiences during the event.
  • Presenting analyzes and surveys, which build on the advice from TSA’s publications.

The selected candidates will sign a grant contract for maximum 600 leva for the expenses for the organization of the event. The grant will require simplified financial and technical reports. It is possible to request a nonfinancial donation (toys, books, etc.) for the same value.

TSA intends to support maximum 6 (six) regional events during the 2019-2020 school year. The dates of the events are clarified individually, depending on TSA’s team availability. The deadline for the events is 31st May 2020.

Only the institutional members of the REYN Network Bulgaria are considered valid candidates.

Indicative goals of the events (determined by the organizers):

  •  Discussion and building of a shared view on the impact of the municipal, regional, or national healthcare and educational policies for children aged 2 to 6, living in poverty.
  •  Presenting successful healthcare and pedagogical practices aimed at working with children aged 2 to 6, living in poverty.
  •  Promoting the importance of role models for the children, living in poverty.
  •  Discussing ideas about the cooperation on municipal or regional level, to overcome the consequences, caused by poverty in early childhood.
  •  Introducing the organizers as responsible and directly concerned persons, representing the REYN Network in Bulgaria on regional level.

Obligatory goals of the events (the organizers are responsible for their accomplishment)

  •  Attracting new members of the REYN Network Bulgaria.
  •  Creating new contacts and opportunities for planning new projects and partnerships.

Obligatory purposes of the events (REYN Bulgaria is responsible for their accomplishment)

  •  Improving the knowledge of the specialists on the issues, concerning the development of children and improvement of their life; as well as on practices, which the specialists can use to reduce these negative effects.

Target Audience

For every event: 25-35 participants.

  •  Healthcare and pedagogy specialists, working with children aged 2-6 from vulnerable communities.
  •  Representatives of organizations with ideal purpose, that work directly with children aged 2-6 from vulnerable communities.
  •  Representatives of the local Roma community/ role models.
  •  Representatives of Regional Departments of Education, Regional Health Inspectorates, etc.

Organizer’s responsibilities

  •  When the organizer combines the event with a TSA publication, he/she familiarizes themselves with the specific publication (all publications are available for free in an electronic format on TSA’s website), and plans the goals, format, and content of the event, matching the content and purpose of the publication.
  •  The organizer is responsible for connecting the presented practices to the specific advice/areas of the publications. Moreover, the organizer is responsible for the conciseness of the presentations (no more than 30 words per slide, including the title) and the inclusion of visual elements – pictures, graphics, video clips, posters, using objects as an example, etc.
  •  Organizes the event logistically.
  •  Sends invitations and checks the attendance (by an attendance list).
  •  Moderates the event.
  •  Ensures media coverage, if needed.
  •  Documents the event (report and pictures).

Documents for application

The documents for application are sent to TSA by email minimum a month before the planned date of the event. TSA has the right to give recommendations for improvement of the described by the candidate aims/goals, format, and program of the event.

Every candidate has to fill the following documents:

  •  Application form
  •  Membership form for the REYN Network Bulgaria, at least for the main candidate (if not already a member).

Allowed expenses

Allowed expenses are the expenses for renting the venue, catering, transportation costs for the organizer and the participants, materials, expenses for communication, compensation for the organizer, maximum 150 leva.

Technical and financial report

The technical report contains maximum half a page reflection, conclusion, and self-assessment of the event (free format); program; list of attendees; brief feedback forms; photos. The form for feedback is provided by TSA. The organizer develops a brief document (one page) for sharing with the members of the network – look at the examples below.

The financial report contains a report form, copy of expense documents, other documents, if needed.


Annex 1 – Form for request of interest

Annex 2 – Link for registration as a member of REYN Network Bulgaria:

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