Webinar: “How to develop socio-emotional skills at an early age?”


On 18th November 2020, REYN organized webinar on the topic “How to develop socio-emotional skills at an early age”.

The moderator of the event was Ralitsa Popova, the executive director of Association “Knowledge” – Lovech, as well as an institutional member of REYN Bulgaria network. She presented successful practices, as well as projects, focused on developing the socio-emotional skills in children, at an early age. The active involvement and participation of the local community in the process of building such skills, was pointed out as a successful practice. An emphasis was put on the successful interaction between the teachers and the children, whose mother tongue is different from Bulgarian; and how the environment at kindergarten can have an impact on developing linguistic and social skills.

The webinar is a continuation of an event that was organized last year by TSA, together with Betsy Grob and Maria Gheorgiou – “How do children from vulnerable communities develop linguistic and socio-emotional skills” – which discussed similar topics together with kindergarten teachers, people working with vulnerable communities, as well as members of the REYN Network.

Undoubtedly, the topic has always been a crucial one in the teachers’ community, which once again confirmed the “great need” of practical advice and knowledge on improving communication with children and their families, whose mother tongue is different from Bulgarian.

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