Online training: How to write a CV and Motivation letter


On 18th March 2021 REYN Bulgaria organized an online training, on the topic: “How to write a CV and Motivation letter”.

The participants of the Young Roma Techers project took part in the event, as well as the scholars of “Active Citizens Fund” program.

Guest-lector of the event was Alexader Balabanov from DynamiX Lab, who used interdisciplinary methods, and successfully managed to engage the participants through interactive scripts and simulations, as well as exercises. The online training contained 2 main segments, 90 minutes each and 15 minutes break in between:

1. CV and Motivation letter- examples and techniques for effective writing; design, structure, and formatting of a CV; how to write a Motivation letter and what to include?

2. Successful presentation in an interview – developing skills for presenting yourself during an interview; preparation, argumentation and use of arguments; how to sell our skills to the employer?

During the training the participants were included not only in individual, but in group practical exercises as well, which also gave them the opportunity to create new contacts

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