Vasilitsa 2024 – a bridge between traditions, children and institutions


On January 13, TSA happily welcomed the students of the “Evlogi i Hristo Georgievi” elementary school, Karlovo town and the “Graf Ignatiev” elementary school, the village of Graf Ignatievo, who together with their teachers and the team of Center “Amalipe” (Center Amalipe) visited us to greet us on the occasion of the upcoming Roma New Year – Vasilica.

They sang and danced and showed us how families celebrate the holiday.

“For many of the children, this was their first experience outside their home environment. Your hospitality and diligence created not only positive emotions and unforgettable memories, but also opened new perspectives for them. These visits showed them that the world is big, full of possibilities, and that they themselves can be the creators of their own destiny.

With the help of your institutions, we are not only expanding our students’ horizons, but also motivating them to build solid study habits. These visits are like a catalyst that helps our students believe in themselves and their potential. They become not just witnesses to knowledge, but part of the process of education.

Together, let us continue to be an inspiration to our students and encourage them to be active participants in their educational journey. We believe that with such initiatives we can generate not only excellent students, but also future leaders and motivators in society.” – Share in a letter of thanks to TSA Center “Amalipe“.

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