“Early Childhood Role Models” Kindergarten student internship program


Essence of the internship program

The present internship program is an initiative of Romani Early Years Network Bulgaria, coordinated by TSA. The program’s purpose is to provide opportunities for students from the Roma community with different study programs to develop practical skills for jobs at kindergartens that work with vulnerable communities.

Allowed candidates/partners

Allowed candidates by an invitation are the members of REYN Bulgaria who are legal entities with a non-profit purpose. More than one application from every candidate is not allowed.

Allowed partners are kindergartens that work with children from vulnerable communities, members of the REYN Bulgaria Network and who are not “fundamental” kindergartens.

Requirements and criteria for the students to en roll in the internship program.

After the approval of the application by TSA, the Non-governmental organizations have to conduct a competition in order to choose interns. The competition will be conducted by gathering a commission of representatives from the kindergartens and the NGOs. Accepted applicants are regular or external students from the Roma community in their second, third or fourth year and enrolled in the following study programs:

  • Preschool Pedagogy;
  • Preschool and Elementary School Pedagogy;
  • Special Pedagogy;
  • Psychology;
  • Nursing;
  • Obstetrics;
  • Passed successfully all their exams until the time of application.
  • Grade average no less than Very good (4.50/6) on all exams.
  • Behave ethically: it is expected that the interns have responsible and respectful attitude regarding their participation in the Program, the supporting organization, and the other participants in the Program.

Duration of the internship program

The internship program is conducted in the period from April 2020 to 15th September 2020 and the internship’s duration is 20-50 working days, depending on the location.

Financial parameters

The total budget of the program for 2019-2021 is 10,000 leva. It is expected to support 4-6 applications and 2-3 interns. The maximum amount for the financial support of one NGO is 2000 leva. The budgets of the NGOs have to include the payment not only for the interns, but also for the mentors. The remuneration and the travel expenses of the interns are direct expenses. All other expenses are indirect and cannot exceed 50% of the direct expenses.

Target groups

  • Students of the Roma community
  • Teachers in educational institutions, where the students will have their internships

Evaluation and selection of the applications

A list of the approved candidates will be published on the TSA website no later than 17:00 h on 29th February 2020. The unapproved candidates will not be informed individually.

The annexes will be checked and evaluated for the accuracy of the criteria, described in the application form (administrative, admissibility and quality).

Documents for application

Important dates and terms

  • Announcement of the competition
  • Deadline for sending a concept – 16th February 2020.
  • Deadline for announcement of the approved concepts – 29th February 2020
  • Deadline for conduction of the competition and interns selection – 31st March 2020
  • Signing contracts for financing with the interns and NGO – 31st March 2020
  • Two-day seminar for interns, NGO, and kindergartens – 15th April 2020
  • End of internships – 15th September 2020
  • Deadline for sending technical and financial report – 15th October 2020.


Annex 1 – Application form

Annex 2 – Criteria for concept selection

Annex 3 – Declaration for partnership between NGO and kindergartens

Annex 4 – Form for membership in Romani Early Years Network REYN Bulgaria – link for registration: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BT95865 

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