Trust for Social Achievement Foundation has re-launched the REYN NETWORK LOCAL AND REGIONAL EVENTS programs.
Institutional members of the Network can express interest in the following possibilities for organizing events:

1 Organizing an event to share successful practices introduced by the educational institution for working with children from vulnerable communities.
This opportunity is aimed at the institutional members of the REYN Network – nurseries, kindergartens and preschool groups in schools. These types of events are in a narrower format and suggest that the participants see the practice live, and have the opportunity for discussion and sharing.

2 Organization of a joint half-day event of a regional nature aimed at professionals working with children aged 2-7 years from vulnerable communities.
This opportunity is open to all institutional members of REYN.
The event is aimed at a wider range of participants, up to 30 people, and implies building a shared vision with a wider range of stakeholders at the municipal and regional level. Within the event, TSA also plans to present its publications and good practices.

Deadline for realization of the events in both directions – June 30, 2023.

We welcome requests for interest no later than 1 month prior to the date on which interested members are planning the event (May 31, 2023).

More information on the requirements and guidelines for expressions of interest can be found in the following documents:

INVITATION for joint organization of regional events

INVITATION to share good practices through visualization

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