REYN Network event – “Introduction to viral diseases in children and their treatment”


On 24th February 2021 REYN Bulgaria organized the first regional event of the year, which focused on informing the REYN Network on viral diseases in children and the possibilities for treatment. Dr. Irena Vidinova, who is a healthcare specialist with long-standing experience and practice in the sphere of healthcare, as well as a deputy director of the Regional Healthcare Inspectorate in the city of Vratsa, was the moderator of the event.

Approximately 30 REYN members institutional, as well as individual attended the event, and shared their opinions, questions, and comments on the topic. There was a discussion about the vaccination of the pedagogy specialists aimed at decreasing the spread of COVID-19 and the prevention of negative effects on the direct contact with children, their families, and the quality of the achieved education results.

One of the main purposes of the Program for Regional member events is to provide additional opportunities for experience exchange and knowledge about topics that directly concern the work of the professionals, who work in the sphere of early childhood development, with a focus on the active interaction and work with children and families from the Roma community. The topics that will be discussed in the next months in the REYN Network, will be focused on the main challenges and issues, which the pedagogical specialists meet in their direct work with children and families from the Roma community. The main purpose of the future events, of course, will be discovering alternatives and successful practices that would lead to their solution.