REYN Bulgaria Network Webinar – Presenting the booklet with recipes and guidebook for healthy nutrition for children aged 3-7 years


On the International Health and Healthcare Workers Day – 7th April, the REYN Bulgaria Network organized a webinar, where a booklet with recipes, as well as a guidebook for healthy nutrition of children aged 3-7 years, were presented, with guest-lector of the event Lalka Rangelova, Ph.D.

The webinar was attended by more than 35 participants, members of the REYN Bulgaria Network, participants in the “Young Roma Teachers” project, representatives of NGOs, partners of TSA, and representatives of the Advisory Board of the REYN Bulgaria Network.

The topic of healthy eating is extremely important and has always been of interest to many members of the REYN Bulgaria Network. During the event, the need to create a common understanding between the representatives of educational institutions and parents regarding healthy eating was emphasized, as well as the need to develop useful habits that contribute to better physical and mental development of children at an early age. The main role of the parents in this process is to serve as “good examples” to their children and to strive to meet their needs and wants daily.

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