Dream to grow: Enzo’s story


I am Enzo from Italy. Starting with where I am now, and going
back to my early years, I will walk you through my journey to become the person I am today. I will share notable moments in my life – exploring the events that made me strong and introducing you to the individuals who supported me through-out the many challenges I faced on my journey. I am proud to be Roma, of who I am now, and of my dream to grow.

I work for a project called “Young Roma, Builders of Hope.” I provide school support to Roma children and organize trainings and events to raise awareness about Roma issues. But, that’s not it. I wear many hats! I also tutor and accompany young people through the judicial system and on pathways to employment and social integration.

When I was 29, I received a bachelor’s degree in languages and educational sciences. After graduation, I decided to go ahead with my studies and enrolled in a master’s course for pedagogical sciences.

At the age of 15, I left my high school. I started a two-year training program at a
professional school. In addition to this, I began volunteering for the same association that supported me when I was young.

During primary school, a local NGO supported me. I was a talented student. Still, I faced many difficulties due to my Roma origins. At the beginning of secondary school, I was placed in a same group as all the other Roma pupils. Nevertheless, I succeeded in establishing positive relationships with some of the non-Roma pupils.

From ages three to six, I regularly attended an informal home-based early childhood center. I enjoyed the company of the other children.

Even if many Italians believe that all Roma are not Italian, I am. I was born in Italy to Italian parents. Thanks to my citizenship, I was able to access basic services for early childhood and live in a council house with my big family.

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