Association MAG – Botevgrad launched the implementation of the project “How to raise strong and smart children.”


The project “How to raise strong and smart children” is aimed at helping young mothers raise strong and smart children and the target group is pregnant women and mothers with children aged 0-3. The project will train over 70 mothers from the region.

Today was the official launch of the activities that will focus on guidelines regarding breastfeeding – what are its benefits, when does it start, when and with what foods does the feeding begin together with breastfeeding.

Trainer of the project is Vasya Vasileva – head of the “Mother center” in Botevgrad.

The project is funded by the “Trust for Social Achievement” Foundation, an initiative of REYN Network Bulgaria.

Serious practical activities will be emphasized throughout the project. There will be 10 more meetings with the mothers, which will help them acquire new skills and knowledge. “Every mother will have the opportunity to make food for her child according to a specific recipe.”, said Vasya Vasileva. Vasya added that thanks to this project, young mothers will learn how to group food products so that the food is healthy for their children.

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