Selection “30 under 30” of “Forbes – Bulgaria” magazine and evaluation of the work of the REYN Network


This is Ivan!

“Innovator and agent of change”. In this way, Forbes Bulgaria distinguished him in the field of social entrepreneurship, part of the “30 under 30” selection.

IVAN IVANOV (29) is of Roma origin and has dedicated himself to working with ethnic minorities. He is the national coordinator of the Network for early childhood development in the Roma community in Bulgaria – REYN Bulgaria, coordinated by the “Trust for a Social Achievement” Foundation. The organization works to increase the number of specialists from and within the Roma community in the field of services aimed at children. For his work with teachers, his experience as a teacher in 48 “Yosif Kovachev” elementary school in Sofia within the framework of the program of the “Together in Hour” foundation helps him.

Almost 4 years have passed imperceptibly since the creation of the Network for early childhood development in the Roma community in Bulgaria – REYN – Bulgaria. A constant process of learning and adaptation was put at the heart of the project activities, and our main role was to learn from you, the members of the REYN Network.

In two weeks, we will start the new calendar year, with which we will also start the implementation of the new project REYN – Bulgaria, fully tailored to the needs of our partners, like-minded people and members.

We share with you the survey about the overall work and evaluation of the REYN Network over the years, click here => The REYN Network ( <= we will be glad if you can spare no more than 10 minutes to fill it in – (the survey is anonymous) . The deadline for completing this survey is January 10, 2022.

Thank you in advance for your participation in the process of improving the project activities of the REYN Network and increasing its efficiency!

Greetings from the entire TSA team!

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