Invitation to kindergartens that have hired educational mediators


Trust for Social Achievement Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science organizes a conference on “Practices and Directions. The conference will be held in Sofia on 3 November 2023.

We invite kindergartens working with children and families from vulnerable communities who have hired an educational mediator to present their best practices developed by their teams of mediators and teaching staff. We aim to give visibility to practices that exemplify the important contribution of mediators in the following areas:

– Mediators improve the kindergarten’s communication with parents with a different mother tongue or low educational status, and increase trust from these parents

– Mediators incentivize parents for regular attendance, re-enrollment at drop-off, and interactions with children at home

– Mediators help children to feel accepted and welcome members of the kindergarten community

– Mediators act as a role model in the community, not only for the children but also for the parents

– Mediators allow the educator to have more time to focus on planning, interactions and other aspects of their work, and are important for a team approach to work

For more information you can read here in Bulgarian:

Event mediators 2023 – call for presentation of practice

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