Five REYN members participated in the 14th Regional Conference of the Community of Teacher Innovators


Four directors of kindergartens and one psychologist – members of the Network for Early Childhood Development in the Roma Community – REYN Bulgaria, attended the 14th Regional Conference of the Community of Innovator Teachers, on the theme “Teachers as Peace Builders. The role of teachers in building a culture of peace”.

The conference was held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina between 07-09 October 2023.

Over 200 participants from Europe and Asia gathered, spurred by the memory of recent regional conflicts and driven by the determination to lay the foundation for peaceful and fruitful cooperation and exchange of experiences for the benefit of the most vulnerable members of society – children.

The main themes were aimed at educators and professionals working with children who oppose violence and educate a generation with high empathy, compassion and respect for the personal dignity of each one of them. During the conference, ways in which teachers can bring the sensitive topics of fear and war into the classroom, and invariably support and encourage understanding and cooperation among children, were discussed. The programme was extremely varied, including numerous presentations and panel discussions with researchers from the Balkans and beyond; informative presentations; and parallel interactive sessions full of imagination and creativity.

Some of the topics covered included: artificial intelligence; children’s and teachers’ mental health; religion and peace; violence in society and its impact in schools; and the role of teachers as generators and promoters of peace and understanding. There was an opportunity to share practical experiences and solutions among nearly 100 leading experts sharing their expertise.


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