Training for participants in the REYN 2022 internship program


The participants in the internship program “Role models in early childhood”, as well as their teachers – directors of kindergartens, and their supporting coordinators from non-governmental organizations, participated in the training in the city of Sofia on May 19-20, 2022 on the topic “Essence of mentoring’. The training supports trainees and their mentors to gain knowledge about the nature of the mentoring process, its integrity and the effect on the professional development of young people.

The internship program is an initiative of the Network for early childhood development in the Roma community REYN Bulgaria, coordinated by the Foundation “Trust for a Social Alternative”. The program aims to provide an opportunity for Roma students from various majors to gain practical skills for working in kindergartens working with vulnerable communities.

Through their participation in the scenario program, students gain a realistic view and experience in a possible area of professional realization for them after completing higher education. This helps them to know better their inner motivation, interests and goals regarding the major they are studying. The internships also look to improve the improvement of services offered by nurseries and increase support for the ‘early role models’ approach.

In 2022, it is implemented with the assistance of the “Knowledge” association and the “Stars” association.

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